Are you more likey "not' to wear a seatbelt in the back seat?

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fraction are you more likely not to wear

a seatbelt in the backseat well you may

change your mind after seeing this

consumer reporter Susan Hogan has the

latest data from the federal safety

agency revealing some startling facts

well there's a push to get people to

buckle up when they're in the back seat

in 2013 more than half of the backseat

passengers killed in crashes were not

wearing their seat belts if you need a

reason to fasten that seat belt when

you're in the back seat here it is watch

this father and young son unbuckled go

flying when the cab they're riding in

gets hit Department of Transportation

data shows more than one in five

backseat passengers do not buckle up in

a cab the numbers are even worse here's

a real-life example watch the unbelted

woman on the Left fly across the cab

slamming into the window the other woman

was wearing a seat belt in 2013 more

than half 55% of backseat passengers

killed in crashes were not wearing seat

belts but only 28 states require adults

in the back to buckle up Rhode Island

requires everyone in a vehicle to wear a

seat belt people are just as likely to

be injured or killed in the back seat if

they're not wearing those seat belts as

they are in the front seat according to

the Department of Transportation people

who don't wear their seat belts in the

backseat are 30 times more likely to be

ejected out of their window during a

crash and three of four of those people

will die from their injuries

I'm Susan Hogan Eyewitness News