They Want You But Not A Relationship... | Dating Advice


Many will want you,

but few will invest in you.

So, what am I talking about here?


it's going to be a lot of people who like you,

who want you, who are attracted to you.

But that doesn't mean any of them are serious about you.

Let me not just say any of them, there's going to be one.

There's going to be more than one, all right.

But the reality is that

most people are not going to be prepared

and willing to put in the work.

So, do not confuse desire with value.

And understand that

if they're unwilling to do

what's necessary to create a healthy relationship,

you don't need to be entertaining them.

If you're looking for something serious,

if you're looking for something real,

you cannot entertain temporary people.

So, you got to start to evaluate very quickly,

who just likes the idea of being with you

versus who is actually trying to be with you.

Now, granted there's more to it than that,

but let's just start with

that foundational piece

because I see so many people

getting caught up in the attention

they get from someone.

Getting caught up in

the desire that person expresses,

but that individual isn't actually putting

in the real work,

isn't doing their part,

isn't healthy enough

to have a good relationship with you.

And you got to look at yourself, are you

even healthy enough right now?

But either way,

we've got to be smarter,

be wiser about who we engage with,

and who we try to establish

real relationships with

because some people

are just here for a temporary time.

Some people are just trying to waste your time.

Some people are just trying to get what they can get

and be out,

be mindful of that.

Don't let your time be wasted.

Don't let your energy be wasted.

Don't let your peace and sanity

be taken from you.

And always understand

that many will want you,

few will invest in you,

and do not confuse their desire

with them valuing you.