When is it a Good Time to Buy a House in California

hello are you wondering when is the best

time to buy or sell real estate my name

is Nathan rough D I'm a loan officer

since 1988 and I currently work here in


the question is always proposed to a

realtor or to a mortgage professional

and we're always gonna say it's always a

good time to buy real estate or sell

real estate as I Drive around today I am

starting to see him more in more for

sale signs on the corners of the street

that isn't telling me that we are maybe

shifting over to a buyers market and

when it becomes a buyers market home

prices tend to come down because there

is more inventory so the one I want to

the one thing I want to propose to you

as a buyer is if you're in the position

and you want to purchase a house

get yourself qualified it doesn't hurt

to speak with a mortgage professional

and find out can you buy now or what are

the steps that you need to buy a house

in the future you never want to be

caught behind the 8-ball and price is

starting to come down and you're now six

months out because you didn't take the

necessary steps when you wanted to to

maybe clean the credit save some money

find the proper location for you and

your family so my advice is as a

mortgage professional is start the home

buying process now even though you're

not looking to buy a house right right

now you might be looking in three to six

nine months and within that time period

you can find out what's going on with

your income what do you need to qualify

for down payment closing cost what your

budget will allow you to buy also you

can't clean up with anything that's on

your credit report that you may be

unaware of so this is a good time to buy

and sell real estate but I welcome the

opportunity to meet or speak with you

about your home buying needs to get you

qualified now so when the market does

shift to a buyers market you're gonna be

in that position the first one to be in

that position to pounce on these

properties because the more inventory we

have the home prices come down and then

you can snatch up a great deal and if

you're looking to sell a home you always

want to try to sell high and buy low

that's just it

a tough thing to do in the real estate

business so if you're looking to sell

then you sell if you're looking to buy

then you buy so I welcome the

opportunity to speak with you about your

buying process and your needs and your

goals on buying a home here in

California my name is Nathan rough da

licensed mortgage professional call me

direct at nine oh nine five oh three

five six zero zero or go ahead and click

the link below and contact me that way

via email but you can call or text me at

909 503 5600 thank you for taking the

time and listen to me and make it a

great day and I hope to hear from you

soon bye