5 Things You Should Know About The SUPER Full Moon (March 9th, 2020)

this full moon can be summed up with one

word freedom hey what's going on my

friends welcome to my youtube channel my

name is Victor and this video is going

to be five things I think you should

know about this extremely liberating

full moon we have here on March 9th 2020

number one I wrote down spiritual

surgery what I mean by that is that

right now the collective is going

through sort of a divine intervention

and a lot of us are able to witness this

on the the mainstream stage a lot of

stuff brew and a lot of a lot of fears

are floating in the breeze a lot of big

things happening here on planet earth

but not only there but also inside of

you while the collective is in a sense

now beginning its cleanse you are going

extremely deep because you've been on

this cleanse been on this path for quite

some time okay and right now what's

coming up for you is is in a sense maybe

like the main thing the main block the

main issue the main impediment to your

greatness is is coming up in a big way

and you're being able to see how so many

of your patterns your wiring your fears

your anxieties your concern your just

your your negative conditioning and

programming it's all kind of it's all

kind of interrelated and connected and

we're going through this process where

like these these really potent like

source emotional wounds are coming up

for us in a very big way you might feel

very very emotional a lot of emotions

might be being triggered by your

external life circumstance that seemed

like almost irrational like why am I

feeling so anxious in this situation or

so concerned you be able to kind of

sense the emotions might the emotions

might not make perfect sense in relation

to what's actually happening in your

life but the thing is they don't have to

that's why I call it a

to surgery it's in a sense like a

releasing of this conditioning a

liberating process of these emotions

that you're awake through but the

doctors working on you God the divine

Higher Self source it's working

on you it's freeing you it's healing you

but it's doing it in sort of a prolonged

way and your deepest stuff is just

coming up and and you're feeling it and

not only are you feeling it but you're

kind of experiencing it as it seems to

be temporarily playing out and being

mirrored by your life circumstance so

the experience of it can be very intense

where it feels like you're in dire

straits here you got some like some

unlike you'll you're sort of life

predicament that you just don't know how

to handle and there's the emotional

response to kind of mirror it it's like

oh my god but it's literally it's like

not really a big deal it's not you're

gonna find yourself able to witness and

perceive these issues and blocks from

many different angles some of them will

seem conflicting okay but in the end

they'll all start to kind of piece

together and make sense and you'll see

it for what it is it's just energy

emotion and patterns that you picked up

that have nothing to do with who you

truly are and in recognizing that you

get to experience a depth of freedom

that that you have not experienced yet

your magic your your truth your light is

now emerging it's now coming out because

the collective needs to experience it

but in order for that to happen all this

mess that you've been carrying around

that is in a sense been imposed upon you

by your earlier caretakers in the world

at large and just like the way the

society is it needs to go you need to be

free and life your awakening this this

essential process is helping you

liberate yourself from all these

emotions you're feeling right now

remember this what you're feeling now

what's coming up is going out for good

number two your spiritual gifts are

emerging and your life is taking you in

a bit of a new direction okay most

people who watch channels like mine are

already aware that they're pretty

freaking intuitive lada you might even

have somewhat of like psychic senses

that you don't talk about with your

friends and family experiences you have

you have a way about you that you're

able to in your own unique way very

individual connect with the divine and

bring it through in your creations and

what you say and your writing and

whatever it is you do whatever you

however you express yourself in your in

your life and your in your life

presentation you're bringing through

higher dimensional sort of Source Energy

okay but now we're getting to a point

where that's gonna become way more

obvious way more tangible way more real

like holy cow this is actually happening

it's not just something I read in a book

that resonates

it's literally happening to me these

books you might read that are basically

channel these spiritual books you might

find yourself tapping into that same

that same stream of consciousness in

your own way and as these gifts start to

emerge you might find your it's almost

like it works out with perfect timing

that life will be shifting you into a

new direction some of you where you'll

have an opportunity and almost dare I

say an obligation to share those gifts

with the world because the world is

ready for them and you have something to

offer and it's beautiful

and it's going to enrich you you and

your life in in many ways it will bring

about abundance it'll bring about a

certain distance a tiss faction with

life there's such a an amazing feeling

of allowing your truth to kind of

channel out of you

and whatever way you're now beginning to

tap into and it just feels good to do it

for the sake of doing it okay and your

life again will sort of support you in

doing this there might be some

there might be some bigger things in

your life that you're you're going to be

letting go of because they don't seem

like they're resonate anymore they don't

excite you the way they used to and they

are in a sense going to weigh down this

new potential that you are now embodying

okay it's an amazing time my friend it's

a beautiful time as this all is going on

this emotional catharsis there's a

merging of your gifts parallel to that

they're very well might be new big

opportunities that are kind of falling

into your life that both excites you and

resonate but also scare you and maybe

seem like wow this seems cool at all but

it seems a bit premature I don't have

all my ducks in a row I don't know

exactly how it's going to go and it

might be kind of like a big leap of

faith required okay but this full moon

is going to enhance your ability to

recognize truth and truth has a certain

resonance about it a certain quality

where the idea or the notion of the

opportunity it'll have a certain when

you when you sort of play it around in

your mind there'll be a certain quality

a quality of harmony it'll just feel

right you know feel good of my friends

that's the kind of energy it's wise to

go towards at this time and most people

who watch me they don't they're not

aware of how powerful they are and how

far they've come and how much they're

actually ready for your soul knows your

higher self knows and that's why it's

giving you these beams of intuition

thing go in this direction it's okay

that you're scared the last vestiges of

your conditioning is also in the process

of sort of purging out of you so that

can really skew your perception of

what's actually possible for you to do

and accomplish in this lifetime at this

time right now you're living in okay for

me what's going on is I'm feeling guided

to do bigger retreats my next Sedona

writ something you don't know

I run retreats my next one I'm renting

out a whole retreat but

in Sedona it's a huge it's a huge thing

for me to do it's a huge financial

commitment to rent out a whole retreat

and it's like well what if what if I

don't get enough people what if this

would I don't know and then there's all

these like old childhood nursing you're

not good enough all that sometime that's

it's an example of how this can play out

I'm being guided very clearly to go in

this new direction that's big and

exciting but it scares the heck out of

me but you know what

and the gym is going down I'm doing it

because I've learned to to explode

forward toward those beautiful

opportunities and naturally away from

what my heart is saying to do out of

fear okay and that's again it's an

example you might relate to that in some

way in your life but I can't compel you

enough to go in the direction that feels

right to you in your heart that excite

you even if it scares you that's almost

a sign that is that big of an upgrade

cuz you're gonna have to stretch

yourself and grow as you get as you

embark on this journey of manifesting

big dreams

number four is life balance and more joy

and peace in your home your home is a

metaphor for where you dwell where you

live okay and I know you hear that you

say oh my goodness Victor this is where

I turn the video off yours you couldn't

be more off I feel more than balanced in

my whole more uncertain within my

relationships in my habits and my

routines and myself than ever before all

of this it's all happening in just such

perfect timing there's so many positive

things happening to you all at once but

the experience of it is just so swirly

and chaotic and yet it's all intertwined

okay the spiritual surgery I mentioned

it's gonna throw you all it's gonna have

you questioning everything who you are

what you want to do in life who you want

to be around how you want your home

decorated how you're managing your

stress all that's like magnified and

you're seeing everything through all

these different lenses and it can be

very confusing but what you'll find as

you start to see your life from these

sort of unique temporary vantage points

you'll start to gain in

site that was never there and you'll

naturally just start making out of just

pure common sense certain adjustments

within your life that are gonna free up

the energy untangle the knots and create

more space for you to just be happy and

sort of dig into the rhythm of just the

moment and and not have to try so hard

because your life will finally beam us

more of a state of balance and flow and

in that flow there's time to stop and

smell the beautiful roses and to like

notice the smiles on your loved one's

faces and in really just stop and

appreciate it

okay this and I know you're not feeling

maybe you're not feeling that right now

hopefully some of you are and but just

that's what this energy is helping you

create for yourself okay

it's awakening this ascension can

initially get us so concerned with the

flash and the flare and the manifesting

of this and that

that's all secondary to like that

wellspring of peace and and happiness

that is you that you're getting to live

and experience okay so this might

require some decluttering sometimes the

especially with a Mercury retrograde you

might look around the house or where you

live or your work and say this is a mess

there's a million things I need to do

that clutter suddenly starts to weigh on

you energetically but of course that

compels action and decluttering you

might find there's certain like kinks in

certain key relationships that you have

certain issues that are perpetuating

cycles of that of pain that seem like

amplified and chaotic in the mo just to

show you that you got to work on that

little kink you got a kink just pop it

out and you'll feel a lot better and

it's not always as simple as that I

don't mean to minimize that I've gone

through this my own life my own

relationships in this dorm or

relationships can be more and more

challenging asked

of life okay but all this tension all

this stuff that you're experiencing is

literally just awareness of what's

always been there so that you can go in

like like an architect and redesign

things and make it better make it more

suitable make it more in harmony with

your true preferences number five this

is a big one in this kind of a specific

one there's a huge theme right now of

self forgiveness self you forgiving

yourself a lot of times what creates

hesitation in an inaction towards the

things that are important to us our

concerns that history will repeat itself

and we tend to really lock up deep

inside of our minds anytime

we made a mistake we went wrong some way

this Awakening is exposing us to all of

our self our light our spiritual gifts

amazing yay but also where we went wrong

where we took action in the past for

misguided form if you know misguided

perspective and did things that we now

seeing it from just like higher

consciousness then just play and say wow

that was man how can I live my self with

myself after that okay but there's this

card I draw sometimes from my uh I don't

have him with me this osho's and tarot

deck I work with sometimes there's a

card of innocence it's just like older

like Zen master guy with his hand out a

little like bug on his hand

okay everything you've ever done was

your best you could do at the time based

upon the level of consciousness you were

living it at that time and because

you're expanding so much of course you

would do things differently but you

didn't know then hindsight's always

20/20 okay and you just might find a lot

of stuff coming up for you it will boil

down to a lack of self forgiveness and

guilt and that guilt can breed fear

and it can create kinks in her life but

as long as you can just take time to go

back through whatever's cut to really

feel the feelings coming up for you and

go back through whatever memories are

surfacing for you and let yourself off

the hook now not just cuz I'm telling

you to and of course we've all heard

what I said previously like well if you

knew then what you knew no you wouldn't

have thought it so just let it go well

it's not that simple

but luckily because you're expanding so

much you're gonna you're gonna have

enough insight to make it obvious why

you should let it go and I'll give you

an example so I've had patterns play out

in my life where like pets have died one

was hit by a car one attacked my

daughter she was fine we had we had to

put him down and like really painful

things with pets and all that's been

kind of coming up for me now like man

you you you're a bad pet owner bro and

and all this guilt and all this fear and

believe it or not it's played out two

other big themes in my life nobody is

gonna get into it but this pet situation

for me has been huge and just it sounds

like why is he laughing I'll tell you it

just last night I had this memory pop in

my head that's when I was like I don't

even know how young maybe seven eight

years old my parents they got me a

little salamander pet it's my first pet

everything I had to take care of and I

had this little little little box little

like clear you know aquarium thing in my

room and I would stare at this Tellem

ender his name was Dale and I just liked

how he would change colors like a

chameleon type thing and you gotta feed

these salamanders

crickets so I wanted to hook the little

guy up so I gave him a whole bunch of

crickets at once I threw this whole bag

I got doesn't quit gets in there with

them and guess what happened the next

morning I woke up and the crickets

ganged up and killed my forest

salamander and at that time I was

devastated at that time I concluded

Victor you're a sucky pet owner you you

mean well but you're not successful and

you can't keep these pets alive and that

sort of unconsciously played out in my

life and again for me it's been a huge

theme of Incred

guilt and fear of Maya bill inability

perceived inability to take care of

things so my point is in light of all

finally seeing the connection I don't

know where that memory came from it was

like oh my god it makes sense and all

this drama it's so silly it stems back

from this thing Wow big deal I was a

little kid I didn't know any better it

doesn't make sense to hold myself

accountable for the rest of my life and

conclude I suck at caretaking because I

don't have three beautiful children

that's just that's not to get too much

into Victor land that's just an example

of what I mean by self forgiveness you

might find a lot of these things coming

into your life are going to be

illuminating certain other types of

insights just like that allowing you to

have the the common sensical conclusion

that I should forget myself because it

just makes sense and man when you start

to really forgive yourself and be like

on board with it it's going to open up

so much space for these new gifts to

emerge so much space for positive

manifestation and forward life progress

without dragging at your own heels the

whole time there's actually one more

number six in fact that popped in my

head as I was walking down the stairs to

film this video and it it goes right

back to the root of this video one-word

freedom the collective if you haven't

noticed it's going through its cleanse

right now it's very intense very very

heavy okay most of humanity have been

suppressed with one primary

ball-and-chain and that is fear and

right now there's a lot of fear in the

air a lot of fear within you that you

might have not even been aware of and

it's coming up and it's uncomfortable

and it can completely distort your

perception of reality temporarily as

it's coming up and make you think oh my

god I'm not gonna be good

but as this fear purges out of you and

for you is very deep levels of

subconscious fear it's not just surface

level stuff it's deep fear

at the rate that you allow this purge to

ensue within you and your awakening in

life you will be able to experience that

degree that proportionate and the

positive end of the spectrum of actual

freedom and liberation for liberation

what to be yourself to do what you want

to do in life to go for the goals you

want to go for without any hesitation

and doubt and thinking it's right

they're not the right move you'll just

be able to be free to be you and you're

gonna tap into that freedom in this

cycle more than you ever have in the

past that's going to light a spark under

you and allow you to just to just shine

without dimming yourself anymore why

because the world needs it the world

needs your uninhibited light shined out

there okay and you're thinking wow just

me it just it just it alone me what's my

little like under your little light it's

so powerful a lot of you have no idea it

takes one little dim candle to

illuminate an entire room of darkness

and there's a lot of darkness right now

there's a need of people like you to

click on your light and that's what

you're gonna get to experience because

you've earned you come this far and have

gotten to a point where you can finally

handle this deep level of cleanse you're

going through I know what pushing you to

the extreme

I know it's stretching you beyond what

you thought your limits were no doubt

but there's a reason it's happening it's

not even just for you it's for that

light within you it's time for it to