Is it a Fruit or a Vegetable? | Fruits vs Veggies

thanks for stopping by today we're

talking about the difference between

fruits and veggies for example did you

know that pumpkin is a fruit and

strawberries aren't actually a berry and

a tomato you'll have an answer to that

by the end of this video to understand

how fruits and veggies are classified we

need to cover some very basic plant

anatomy so nearly all plants consist of

a root a stem and some type of leaf and

some plants also produce flowers got it

fruits and vegetables are classified

based on what part of the plant they

come from fruits form from the flower of

the plant usually the ovaries and

contain seeds vegetables are essentially

any other edible part of the plant these

could be roots stems or leaves let's

look at some examples to illustrate the


so apples are a well-known fruit the

apple tree blossoms are flowers and then

apples grow from those blossoms

additionally apples contain seeds how

about potatoes obviously a vegetable

they are the root of the potato plant

celery is a vegetable though it's edible

this is arguable it is the stalk of the

celery plant as mentioned earlier

pumpkins are a fruit along with all

varieties of squash they grow from the

flower of the plant and also contain

seeds carrots broccoli lettuce and

rhubarb are all veggies oranges peaches

and bananas are all fruit but so are

corn pea pods peppers avocados olives

and cucumbers they all grow from the

flower and contain seeds and if that's

not enough there's even more controversy

surrounding fruits strawberries and

raspberries are not berries but guess

what our watermelon bananas Kiwis and

eggplants came a few to be a true berry

according to science the fruit must

develop from just one flower that has

one ovary and strawberries and

raspberries violate this I'll link some

articles below that go into more depth

on these topics because it's pretty


I want to add a little note here about

mushrooms they are not a fruit or

vegetable they're a fungus people eat

fungus now on to the infamous

tomato what do you think a fruit

vegetable botanically speaking as we

have been it is a fruit however there

was a court ruling in the late 1800s

that deemed Tomatoes a vegetable for

customs and regulations and cooking

purposes so now you understand the

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