The Dangers of a Data Breach

your personal information is spread

across many websites throughout the

internet from online banking credit

reports ecommerce tax returns and

healthcare accounts your personal

information may be at risk of loss or

theft most businesses and organizations

that you transact with have elaborate

security programs to protect your

personal information but this doesn't

stop cyber criminals from trying to

steal your data due to vulnerabilities

in software these cyber criminals can

infiltrate and steal not only your data

but potentially thousands of other

people's information too data breaches

and data theft affect millions of people

around the world and is on the rise many

companies have suffered a massive data

breach leading to layoffs lawsuits and

fraud once these cyber criminals have

your personal information they can

completely drain your bank account of

its funds a data breach can also result

in identity theft allowing someone else

to use credit cards with your name

potentially damaging your credit history

in some cases data breaches can result

in blackmail if the victim was a member

of a questionable site or has

information they don't want made public

individual users may be targeted with

specifically designed malware that can

delete or steal information off of a

personal computer while data breaches

can severely impact individuals

businesses and government organizations

are usually at a larger risk even

employees can steal and sell personal

information to third parties who use it

for criminal purposes protect yourself

against data breaches by changing your

passwords often and using a password

manager that generates secure passwords

such as Kaspersky password manager

ensure that any sensitive information

that is kept in cloud is well protected

and encrypted with the latest security

software finally make regular backups of

important data on a separate system such

as an external hard drive or cloud to

minimize the risk of losing vital

information if a data breach does occur