welcome back everybody to the official

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i just logged on to fortnite

and it looks like i got a gift waiting

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fortnight you wanna have a new gift

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hit the like button on the video and who

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now that i think about it last night i

dropped a like on a home of games video

and now the gift is here i don't think

it's a coincidence man i really don't

all right let's stop messing around

let's open up this

gift boom the shadow caliper pickaxe

thank you mister i am milka lottie

for the gift my man currently we are


35 days into chapter two season four

and the season is nearing 40 percent


galactus is finally arriving here on the

fortnite island

and with it he is bringing an entire new


as well as some mythic weapons and even

an incredible addition to the fortnite

item shot

speaking of the fortnite item shop holy

holy ladies and gentlemen captain


back in here with all of his drip and

all of his glory we even got the

fortnite classic bundle and me being an

og fortnite player

i feel like i absolutely have to pick

that up so there we go we got it on our


zero daily gifts remaining man epic

games why can't you let me send

unlimited daily gifts dog

like i really don't see who would lose

right like if you would let me send

10 daily gifts epic games makes more


my viewers get hooked up with the skins

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why can we only send five gifts man

let's test something out all right if

you want epic games to allow me to send

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every single day drop a like even though

galactus has arrived in fortnite we


don't have the galactus skin but don't

worry it's coming to the game soon and

so in the meantime

i'm gonna be rocking this skin okay and

if you close your eyes

a little bit he kind of looks like

galactus like i see it i see it a little

bit man it kind of looks like galactus

right but alrighty ladies and gentlemen

that is enough tomfoolery it is time to

get down to business

get into a game and let's get into it

you know what i'm in a good mood today

all right so for the first game of this


we'll try out some solos i'm rocking the

galactus skin

sort of not really but hey i got a good

feeling about this game so hopefully it

goes well

you guys know how these things go we

start off with the boring stuff

and work our way up to the awesome stuff

there he is

right there that beautiful tiny little

light in the sky well it's not as tiny

as it once was we all know that is


quickly approaching the map and ladies

and gentlemen galactus

coming into the fortnight universe is

not gonna be a peaceful event whatsoever

as a matter of fact it is believed that


himself upon impact with the fortnite


he's actually gonna be destroying the

battle bus oh my goodness dude

why did i land at stark industries bro

all right hold on hold on hold on i

gotta get some loot i gotta drink some


and we gotta go eliminate iron man don't

forget this is literally my first game

of the day

and my fingers are literally freezing

right now and we all

know how hard it is to play fortnite

with cold hands

but don't worry because after we make it

out of here alive

hopefully we'll be able to take a look

at iron man's brand new plans for the

battle bus

alright so far so good give me the big

chest some good

loot thank you thank you alrighty boys

and just like that

we are ready to fight iron man so let's

go ahead and try and track him down

oh he might actually already be

eliminated i can't even lie that's the

best news i've heard all day man

alrighty perfect so here we are ladies

and gentlemen

inside of stark industries looking at

iron man's plans for his brand new

battle bus

oh what the heck is iron man i thought

you were dead iron man oh it's a real

guy oh

wait no this is iron man who is iron man

oh all right that was iron man oh now we

got a real enemy

we got a real enemy right here

mermaids yes holy holy holy

huge shout out to iron man man it looks

like he's been working hard

planning a brand new design for a brand

new battle bus

that'll help us in the fight against

galactus we even got some mythic weapons

and a key card just vibing here waiting

for us man i will take it i will take it

the stark industries battle bus

is literally only one percent of what

we're gonna see

changing when galactus arrives i told

you guys we were starting with the

boring stuff and working our way up to

the great stuff and i really wasn't

kidding oh what the heck bro

what the heck mates boom thanks for

playing homie

have a good day oh and even had the gold

pump shotgun alrighty dude shout out to

that man for hooking it up now i do have

a little piece of bad news for all the

battle pass

owners out there watching this video i

don't know about you guys but i was


really really hoping to see galactus

included inside of this season's battle


like think about it man we saw the

galactus skin and the galactus character

tease literally before season 4 was even

out not to mention that galactus is

literally the biggest

character on the image for the season 4

battle pass

so to find out that we're probably not

gonna be getting him for free if you own

the battle pass

it's a little bit of a bummer oh dear i

don't know why whenever i see someone in

a helicopter it scares the crap out of

me man

hey we're gonna push him we're gonna see

what this guy is

all about man where are you dog

oh he's in the vault all right come here


yes take that sir ggs holy holy

we're rocking this game bro there's no

stopping us

anyways an entire cosmetic set for

galactus has been discovered inside of

the fortnite game files

it is entirely and fully encrypted so we

don't get to see

any like super 100 finished images of

the skin

but it does confirm that the galactus

skin is just around the corner and it

looks like we got ourselves an

unexpecting enemy

right here ladies and gentlemen with

only 15 players remaining

oh i think we should play this smart

there he is

there he is oh is he fighting someone

wait if i

jump off of here and use the jet


will i take fall damage i feel like

right now is definitely not the time to

test this feature out with

only 12 players remaining but hey man

you only live

once and it's time to give this a go all

right so here we go

we're gonna hit the boost and will we


man hopefully please

yes all right now we're going for that

guy right there we're coming for you

doctor doom oh

never mind there's a boat literally

right here dog

there is literally a boat chasing me man

oh now he wants to get into a build

fight bro

you don't want to do this you don't want

to do this because i'm a iron man uni

beam you bro

there you go i can't even lie man i

would be really mad if i was that guy

we're also

expecting to see an incredible live

event this season

featuring the fortnite and marvel heroes

facing off against galactus in a battle

for the fortnite universe as far as when

this live event is expected to go

down according to the battle pass hq it

says the season is going to be ending on

november 30th

which would mean the live event would be

right around november 20th oh

what up dr doom come here mate hold on

hold on hold on we're getting him with


boom 89 come here doctor doom

come here mate come here homie oh he's

flying away

dude oh now he's getting into a build

battle huh

come back here doctor doom

oh no now i'm getting shot at from

somewhere else hold on hold on hold on

boom there we go ladies and gentlemen

another elimination i got six elims in a

solos game right now bro i am quack

oh my goodness now we have the gorger

here bro

thankfully i am galactus sort of

and hopefully it just leaves us alone

looks like we also got some more enemies

fighting over here you know what

i think i'm gonna do the smart thing oh

dear never mind

oh he's behind me here we go boys

no he blocked me

boom there we go there's another one


ladies and gentlemen things are heating

up now

my heart is pounding my hands are


and i am pooping

oh he's right here

here he is come here mates


yes holy ladies and gentlemen

two players remaining here in this match

will we win or will we lose i have no


thanks for sure man win or lose i'm

leaving it in the video dawg

most youtubers if they lose they just

play another game and they never upload


not me man not me oh

this is it boys the last two enemies

are right here

oh the two piece i got a cute piece to


ladies and gentlemen i am shaking ten

eliminations my first game

on my hands were freezing oh my goodness

ladies and gentlemen if you are not


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hit the subscribe button if you wouldn't

mind what a video ladies and gentlemen

i do hope you guys did enjoy it was


insane and galactus is just about to be

here inside of the fortnite universe

and i'm super curious to hear your

guys's thoughts on that down below in

the comments let me know what you hope

to see in this season's

live event since we didn't get one last

season i'm expecting something awesome

out of epic thank you everybody so much

for watching this video i do hope you

guys did enjoy and i hope you have a

great day as well if you're hungry for

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everybody have a great day i'll see you

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peace out