For the hybrid events in the Philippines to level up, they must use the best online creative technology. The organizers must see to it that all the phases are carried out correctly.

In the first blogs, we talked about the first two Ps in virtual event organization. They are the planning and promotion phases. Now, we will talk about the last two, which are the production and post-event phases.

Again, these steps are gathered from the insights of one of the interactive virtual event providers in the Philippines, Waveplay Interactive. Let us learn more about them.

Production Phase

All hybrid events in the Philippines rely much on the quality of production. That is why this stage must not be taken for granted. It must be given enough attention. So, what should be included in this phase?

  1.     Attendee engagement

The achievement of attendee engagement results from excellent content, networking opportunities, interactive tools, great video and audio quality, and creative technology. You must see to it that there are pre-rolls, gamification, dynamic screens, breakout rooms, and sponsor ads, among other features.

An engaging virtual event can be possible if you choose the right interactive virtual event provider in the Philippines. The best one can offer you a lot of state-of-the-art virtual event platform features.

  1.     Sponsors’ space

If you want to get more sponsors, you must understand what they are after. These sponsors search for lead generation and brand awareness through events. Therefore, focus on improving the ROI of your sponsors. You can add various tactics to your events, such as transition banners, ad pre-rolls, and sponsor breakout rooms.

  1.     Participants’ data

It is also advisable to gather data on your participants while your virtual or hybrid event is ongoing. This can help you create significant profiles for future business interactions. Use creative technology that will allow you to record the length of sessions they attended, their check-ins, Q&A’s involvement, breakout sessions, and networking.

  1.     Contingency plan

All hybrid events in the Philippines need a contingency plan to succeed. Moreover, there must be clear communication among the organizers to easily handle possible outages.

Post-Event Phase

You should not stop with conducting the virtual event. You must consider the possibility of coming up with more events in the future. For this reason, you should not forget the post-event phase.

  1.     Feedback and survey

After the session, make it a point to display survey links on the screen or send them to the attendees via email. It must be done within 24 hours after the event so that the participants’ feedback will not be blurred or lost.

  1.     Performance

Moreover, your team must measure the data and consider repurposing them. This can help evaluate the event performance, refine the content, get more revenue, and provide details to sponsors and exhibitors. In short, the data gathered must be processed to understand the insights into your event better.

The measured KPIs will be used by the sponsors or sales team. That is why it is important to do proper profiling and ensure that the data is in a readable format.

Apply the 4 Ps

Are you ready to start organizing your virtual event? As long as you properly get through the planning, promotion, production, and post-event phases, it will surely be a hit. Do not forget to use modern creative technology and tap the best interactive virtual event provider in the Philippines, no other than Waveplay Interactive. In no time, your activity will be listed among the most successful hybrid events in the Philippines.