Earning money is not easy, and saving it is not. We go through a lot and work very hard just to earn a little bit in no time that little money is spent. It is easy to say, ‘this time I will limit my expense’ but sticking to and limiting expenses is a hardcore task, just very difficult to accomplish when there are so many tempting things around urging you to spend a little. Once in our life, all of us would have tried to accomplish this task. If we talk about students, this task is difficult for them as they get a limited amount of money and after spending on necessities like hostel rent (Vacuum Cleaner), food, travel, etc. barely something is left for them to save. And now in the race for success when everyone is trying hard to study in the best universities, the competition becomes cut-throat. Students wishing to pursue MBBS, try hard to get into foreign universities. Many students prefer Kazakhstan for studying MBBS. MBBS in Kazakhstan is not only affordable but also opens up the entire world to students.


However, many students feel studying abroad is very expensive. The living expense, tuition fees of university, food expenses, especially travel expenses, and further, some personal expenses make people feel that abroad is something only elites can afford. But we would like to tell you it’s not so. The thought that abroad is expensive makes students drop their idea of studying there. MBBS from Kazakhstan is not at all expensive and you can even save your money abroad. There are many ways by which you can save your hard-earned money while pursuing MBBS from Kazakhstan. Let’s have a look over those ways.


Ways to save money while studying MBBS in Kazakhstan


For students struggling to save their money in Kazakhstan or for the students planning to do their MBBS  from Kazakhstan, the task of saving money might be strenuous. It happens that the university fees and hostel fees are low but the personal expenses don’t count under it. Hence, students may find saving money a tough task. Therefore, we have come up with various ways that might prove a boon for you and help you save money. So, they are:


  • Part-time jobs – One method of saving money while staying abroad is to do a part-time job. It is true MBBS  is a time-consuming course but taking out some time and contributing to the part-time job can do some help. There are universities in Kazakhstan that provide part-time jobs to students on the campus itself. Furthermore, you can do freelancing according to your time availability. It will help you live comfortably in a new country.


  • Scholarship programmes – A scholarship can do wonders if you want to save while doing MBBS. Even if you don’t belong to Kazakhstan some universities provide scholarships to foreign students. There are many tests and upon passing them you may avail yourself of scholarships. Having a good academic performance can prove to be helpful. There are different criteria based on which students get the chance to avail of the scholarship. Having a scholarship not only reduces the financial burden on your family but also saves a lot of money.


  • Opening a bank account – You may wonder how opening a bank account can save you money. But let us tell you having a bank account can help you. As you land in a foreign country you should consider opening a bank account in any local bank as it comes with benefits like keeping your money safe and limiting your extra expenditure. Further, it saves you from currency conversion charges. You should save little by little from the beginning only. Little by little you will be able to save much.


  • Accommodation – One of the areas where most of the money gets used up is the accommodation area. The hostel and dorms of universities are much cheaper than the ones outside the campus. Living in an individual apartment or a shared one will be expensive. Furthermore, it will add up to the expense of travelling to university daily. If you stay in a campus dormitory then the expense of travelling to university every day will be saved up. If you know someone there you can even think of staying with them like a relative.


  • The right choice – You should preferably choose the university that doesn’t cost as much as it’s accommodation charge. It is also advisable that before moving to Kazakhstan you should look at the living price over there. Further, you can also inquire from the university about this matter. Make sure the contact through which you inquire is not fraudulent as they may cheat you. You should inquire about the university in detail as well.


  • Tracking monthly expenses – You should keep a record of the money you spend throughout the week. This will help you know how much you can reduce your expenses. It will also brief you about the necessary expenditure and help you limit your budget and make a plan which will not only fit your expenses but also help you save some money. Knowing your expenses will help you track the amount of money you need every month and how much you can save.


These are some of the simple methods which will help you save your money and also let you live comfortably. Now you know doing MBBS in Kazakhstan is not a difficult task and also not expensive.




Studying in Kazakhstan can be a good decision. Kazakhstan is not only an ideal place for pursuing MBBS but also MBBS admission in Kazakhstan is very easy as there is no admission test. Kazakhstan offers top-quality education and is globally recognized as well. It is also affordable. Now, when you have made up your mind to study in Kazakhstan, the above tips like a part-time job, tracking expenses, accommodation facility, scholarship, etc. can be a boon to your task of saving money. So, ending here with a note that money is no more the issue if you wish to apply for MBBS in Kazakhstan. There are various methods by which you can save money. This decision of yours will be the best and a memorable decision.