The Istanbul International Model United Nations (IIMUN) is an annual four-day conference that brings together high school and college students from all over the world to participate in the simulation of the United Nations. It was first organized in 2019 by a team of students who were motivated to start an international conference that would give opportunities to young leaders from all over the world. This year, IIMUN will take place on January 06th – 9th at Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey. Here, people from different backgrounds are going to be immersed in a world of diplomacy where they can explore new ideas with other like-minded leaders, make friends from around the world, and experience Turkish culture firsthand!

This time, The Istanbul International Model United Nations is going to bring over hundreds of students from over 40 countries around the world to engage in leadership roles, debate on different international issues, and finally come up with a resolution that will help them better understand the real effects of international diplomacy. They will be given roles that they have never had before such as taking part in international negotiations, drafting resolutions, and representing their country’s position on the global stage. Participants will also have a chance to enhance their knowledge about other cultures as well as work together with people from all over the world which can provide them with a different perspective of the international arena.

Model United Nations

What are the benefits of participating in Model United Nations?

It is a great way to equip participants with the experience of international diplomacy and negotiations. They give participants an unrivaled level of research, analysis, and problem-solving skills that enables them to engage in the type of focused discussion needed as a global citizen. These great skills will not only come in handy for future careers but will also allow them to get an edge in committee sessions. They are great not only for the students who participate in MUN conferences but also because it gives participants of all ages and of all backgrounds an opportunity to discover their true potential.

IIMUN is significant because it allows anyone with the drive and passion for diplomacy an opportunity to experience international relations firsthand. It can be easy to assume that diplomacy work takes place at a national level, which may alienate many young people from knowing how they can contribute within their communities. By having these opportunities open for high schools, college students, even younger children, they are given more opportunities to have input into what happens around them on a global level.

Not only this, but people will also get to see a different side of Turkey. They will get to experience the famous Turkish hospitality, be welcomed by the locals, and have all their needs taken care of while they enjoy everything this beautiful city has to offer! As you all know that Turkey is known for its historical antiquity, hosting IIMUN in this beautiful nation will allow students to explore the history of Turkey first-hand. That’s almost like taking a step back into time!

Why should you attend IIMUN?

IIMUN will also be an opportunity for students to learn about different cultures and customs from all around the world under one roof. The Model United Nations is an educational simulation of the work that takes place at the UN. At Model UN, students gather together to represent different countries with different backgrounds and opinions. It doesn’t matter what country you come from or where you are studying currently. Even if you are not familiar with Turkey, it would be beneficial to attend IIMUN because everyone brings unique experiences and perspectives that contribute towards making IIMUN a success.

The IIMUN is one of the biggest conferences in the world. More than a hundred students from over 40 different countries will participate in committee sessions, networking events, side events, and social activities. This is the first time IIMUN has opened up registration to even high school students. That means that there are even more opportunities for you to be making history by attending one of the top conferences in the world! And do you know how amazing your record-breaking, history-making experience will be?

What you need to know before attending IIMUN 2021

The culture and history of Turkey will provide a sensational backdrop for your experiences at IIMUN 2021. There you can take advantage of all the opportunities for scholastic enrichment that it has to offer, from magazines and books published by popular Turkish publishers to science laboratories equipped with amazing equipment. You will not only participate in the event but also  experience Turkish culture along the way. This is not to mention that Istanbul itself has an amazing history filled with monuments dating back to Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman times. The art, architecture, cuisine- you name it, Istanbul has it all! And perhaps more importantly for your future prospects as a leader, this major historical hub is perfect for exploring opportunities in business and entrepreneurship.

In conclusion

The Istanbul International Model United Nations is one of the biggest conferences in the world, and it’s guaranteed to be an incredible experience for all its participants! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!