A smart meter measures the use of φυσικο αεριο or electricity, just like a traditional meter. Is it a fantasy script? Of course not, since in Italy Eni, the largest company and gas supplier, has already installed smart meters in boilers.

Once your smart meters are installed, you will no longer need to read gas and electricity meters. There will be all the information we need to make accurate statements. There will be no more estimated accounts.

it’s not just that. Smart meters also have a monitor (IHD), which means you can monitor your usage and contribute to a smarter, greener environment.

Smart meters work differently, depending on whether they measure your electricity or gas. A smart electricity meter is connected to the grid and monitors how much energy you use in real time.

A smart gas meter, on the other hand, is battery operated and “sleeps” most of the time. It wakes up every half hour to send a signal through the electricity meter.

The smart electricity meter is connected to a secure smart grid nationwide, similar to a mobile grid. It is called DCC, as it is managed by the Data and Communications Company. The DCC then sends information about how much gas and electricity you have used directly to your energy supplier. This is us, if you are one of our members.

Smart meters put you in control

  • Say goodbye to manual meter readings – you will not have to worry about finding this indicator. Your smart meter will automatically send us measurements.
  • Get more accurate bills – Automatic cash reading means we won’t have to estimate your bills so that they accurately reflect the energy you use.
  • Keep track of your expenses – see what your energy costs and set a daily, weekly or monthly budget.