The Quran is the last book from the four holy books revealed by Allah. It was revealed on the last messenger of Allah Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). As Muslims, we all love to recite the Quran and many of us recite it despite having busy routines.

Moreover many people around the globe not only recite Quran but they also understand Quranic words and their meaning. Some people also memorize it by heart. These people are called hafiz which means guardian or memorizer. Having faith in this holy book completes the faith of a Muslim.

Learning the Quran online is another way of reciting the Quran. If a person wants to learn how to read the Quran or to memorize it he can hire an online Quran tutor. Many people do not have time to go to a scholar in order to learn the Quran.

So they should hire an online Quran tutor. Hiring an online Quran tutor can save your time and you can learn the Quran easily. Learning the Quran also empowers us in many things. It gives us knowledge, it provides us with peace and it protects us from harmful things such as evil.

Quran Can Empower us Through Light

The Quran is the holy book which enlightens our soul. The Quran saves us from evil, calamities and atrocities. Moreover, the Quran is the sacred book that empowers us and helps us get through any challenge as it makes us believe that Allah is with us.

Quran can Give us Peace

Peace in this time of the world is very rare, it does not matter if you are a Muslim or a non-Muslim. Many people commit suicide if they lose someone important in their lives. This shows that people suffer if they do not find peace in their lives and in their hearts.

However, if a person recites the Holy Quran daily and follows its teachings then one could be peaceful through his mind and heart. The Quran is the word of Allah and can guide us through to the path of peace.

Quran Empowers Us In Difficult Times

Each and every person in this world goes through difficult times in their lives. Some may lose a person or who holds great value in their lives such as their parents. Some may lose their business or property.

So every person in this world goes through difficult times. However, every person needs support which will get us through this difficult time smoothly. The support that every Muslim in this world needs is the support of Allah. But we cannot contact Allah directly but we can seek Allah’s support through His Holy Book Quran.

Strengthen your Heart through Quran

The heart is the most important organ in a person’s body. It controls all the important aspects of the body. Moreover, the heart is the only organ that has emotions or feelings. Our heart feels gravely when a person is going through different times.

It stays happy when the person is going through easy and prosperous times. We can use this as an advantage. The Quran empowers us and we can use it to strengthen our heart in a difficult time. Thus we can make ourselves stronger.

As Muslims, we should recite the Quran daily. Not only this we should also learn the meaning of the Quran and if possible we should memorize it. A person needs a guide to learn the Quran or to understand its meaning. However, a person can do this easily by contacting or hiring an online Quran tutor and you can learn Quran online.

Quran Can Increase The Faith of a Person

The faith of a person is not always as sound or as good as it seems. Sometimes a person gets busy in worldly affairs so much that one forgets about their religion. Sometimes a person would be real close to Allah such as the month of Ramadan.

Regardless of this, it’s our duty to keep a check on our faith. Our faith could be kept in check if we recited the Quran daily. Reciting the Quran daily by meaning if possible would keep on reminding us of turning to Allah. We would not forget our faith and would not forget how to live a successful life as a good Muslim.

Calm Your Heart With the Quran

One of the biggest problems today’s generation is encountering is restlessness. People want to be internally calm but they aren’t. No matter what the case is, how rich someone gets, what type of facilities some has, the inner dissatisfaction can be a really big problem.

But there is one simple solution to this problem that we never think of. You can get the solace of heart just by reciting the verses of the Holy Quran. I have personally experienced this and overcame my stress problems.

I was dealing with a lot of stress problems that affected my life very severely. But when I started reading the Holy Quran, I came to overcome this issue. Later on, I even came to know that Allah has clearly mentioned it in the Quran that you can solace yourself with the Quranic verses.

There is a verse in the Holy Quran that says.

“Pay heed! Only in the remembrance of Allah is the solace of hearts!” (Surah Ra’d, Verse 28).

So it’s clear that you can get the inner peace just by reading the verses of the Holy Quran


The Quran is the very own word of Allah. It is the holy book which can grant us peace and increase our faith. Reciting the Quran is a blessing for all the Muslims. The Quran shows us how we should live our lives in a beautiful and peaceful way. A person can easily learn and recite the Quran online.

You can hire an online Quran tutor to learn the Quran online without a problem. This will save your time as well as it is affordable. Moreover, a person can study whenever one is free as the tutor will follow the schedule you have made.