Copano Bay Kayak Fishing Spot For Redfish High Tide

hey what's going on everybody today i

was fishing copano bay

uh close to bayside and these little set

of uh back lakes over here

with that storm coming through through

the gulf and passing us up

the last couple days it's got a couple

feet of extra water

in the bays and in the back lakes and

all this area that you see

that's green looking is normally you


a foot above the water this this

back lake over here is about the

shallowest back lake i know of

so i figured i'd check it out and see

what's going on with all that extra

water and

i got in there and you couldn't see any

land you know anywhere so uh

it's what they call a flood tide when

when it's a couple feet higher

you know or when it's real high all

those reds were

were sitting on top of this grass this

area i marked is where i is what i

fished and uh

did really really good today um it was

right at a triple limit i kind of lost

count but

started off with the topwater i caught a

couple on the topwater

made several good casts to some reds

with the top water

and they they just didn't want to hit it

again so i put this soft plastic on

right here

it's about a quarter ounce weedless uh

weedless hook

and i was just running it across the top

of that grass

i was seeing i mean tons the most amount

of reds i think i've ever seen

were just all in here so i was throwing

i could see their tail i could see their

backs out of the water

and i could see down in the water and i

made some cast

to some some reds that i actually seen

you know

down in the water and caught a few like

that too so

i was just swimming it across that grass

and giving it a couple of bumps and

when i knew i brought it right in front

of a red i would let it sink for a

second to get it down

you know closer to where his mouth was


they would hit it almost every time so

but today is just a reminder of why i

love kayak fishing

you you can't really get into stuff like


any other way i guess you could wade in

there if you wanted to

but um yeah i had to push

you know and drag through through a lot

of that grass and to get to

the reds but everywhere i looked man

there were tails and uh wakes and

it was it was amazing so i was using a


that my buddy gave me a while back jose

it's called chicken

and i don't normally use scents but i

said well you know i'm using soft

plastics today let's try it out

um i didn't ever test another lure

without it on there

uh i i just kept using it and and it


it worked today so today is another one

of those awesome days

that that i don't see

that often you know i mean i have some

good days but not like this

and this was this was pretty insane

today so

thanks for watching i hope you all enjoy

the video




that was a good size weight though

hey there you go there you go good ride

i don't know how we're gonna get him

through the grass but

ah there we go

i'm horsing the hell out of him i don't

normally like to horse them but

i got to

go down in that grass


i finally got you man

big old boy oh

i had to horse him out of there man

that's about the only way

i know to do it yeah i seen you in there


making that big old wake

yeah nice read

all right buddy sure had fun with you


back in there and

do you think he gone

like i always say man higher tides go in

the areas that

that you usually can't get into

and that those reds normally can't get


look there's one right there look at

that big son of a gun

is that a gar or a red no it's a big red

it's going right come on


uh yep hung up in the grass we're hung

up in the grass

oh man we're screwed

god lady let's

oh come on kayak get in there i'm trying

to be quiet too i don't wanna

look there's another one right there

and another one godly i'm freaking


man he is all the way down in there

yeah he's still on

golly that's some big boy


godly no wonder i've seen you so sick

man that's something big dude he's

maybe over

boy that was a freaking struggle right

there man

golly that's a big son of a gun in here

he's you gotta be at least 27 let's see

well he's 26. uh

almost 27.

there you go man there you go all right

big ol boy

i've seen him man i've seen you dude you

just cruising along thinking you

thinking you got this whole little

flooded area to yourself

come on

there he goes oh he's stuck in there go

there in the deeper water man

there he goes look at him

hey i got some of that uh

i think it's called chicken or


mo buddy jose give it to me

if i catch something jose i guess we're

gonna say this was

it was worth it i gotta find it

yeah chicken that's what it says

butt juice

that was a big tail where did he go

there's one right there golly man he's

right there look at him

look well we screwed that one up

that's okay look there goes one


that what you get for trying to hook me

man you try to spit the lure at me

i guess the chicken worked i don't


come here you chicken eater

oh no he's

he might be a keeper let's see we got to

see because you know that'll be the


oh man i mean yeah

that's 20 inches all right limit fish

i wonder how often i supposed to put

that chicken on there

there's a tail right there oh yeah oh

baby oh baby

there you go

i got my drag tight the only way i know

how to get them out of here

you like that chicken man they like

the chicken foot i guess i don't know

you like that chicken man

i wonder why they like it well they

don't they don't dislike it

there's some good good-sized reds in


good-sized reds in here man

man another nice one if i 23

24 yeah a little over 23.

you're free man you're free to go

oh he got stuck do you stuck man

see i got stuck i don't know where i'm


he goes amanda tearing up my lure

and guess what i brought today for some

crazy reason

a whole thing of soft plastics

some tails over there godly dude this is

crazy insane awesome

oh there's one right there

here he comes there you go

there you go there you go

get on in here boy get your butt in here


man that's a big one too dude

man dude we tearing them up boy

sight fishing man that's what that's

what it's all about right there

he's about 20 about 25 or so i guess we

can check

uh yeah almost 25.

let's see what we got here i ain't open

this box and freaking i don't know how


oh there we go we got the same kind of

lure what else we got in here

i'm gonna go with what has been working

it's a good thing i brought them today

i just put it a little bit on the the

skin there i poke it in the

i guess the plastic you know

to make it weedless

jose we're gonna run out of chicken


take your ass to the store and get you


all right uh that wasn't the same big

one that was over here while ago

because i seen him about the same time i

saw that big one

or the other big one

this uh this is the ditch that goes into

these back lakes it's so small i had

never been up

it don't ever have any water in it not


i see a big tail big tail

oh man

he's right there y'all seen right there

kidding he's just sitting there


you go

he said i ain't gonna fall for that i

seen you man i just didn't

i just didn't run away i wanted to be on


was decent he was about 20.


i got you that time i got you that time


oh pick an ass

i had to make a few casts to him but

he's a keeper too he's a fish slap


well maybe maybe not let's see you feel

that bump he's a little bit short of


a little bit short of a slot

he's just under 20.

here we go

there he is

nice one too he's a nice

oh that one's real pretty that's why i

seen you man

you got your gold you got your gold

color on

being all pretty

thank you

there's a bunch sitting right in here

he's keeper 8 by 22 21 22

yeah 22.

ain't croaking or drumming

this crazy man i'm fixing to have to go

home i'm getting hungry

not yet though we can't quit just yet

and i feel like every redfish in the bay

is in here today

it's where they should be with this high



my line touched him they don't like that

there's some over there golly dude it

doesn't matter where i go i just keep

finding them

all right y'all so it kept going on like


uh i caught three or four more nice reds

um lost a couple also this spot

um you can it's right next to the boat

ramp you can put you can put in right


i always put in right here some people

put in at the boat ramp

but i try not to because there's usually

a boat it's kind of a tight little boat

ramp so

i usually put in right here by the

bridge so um

this area is not any usually not any

good with low

on a low tide there's usually no water

in there so

but on a real high tide this this place

was on fire today

i appreciate everybody watching and

thanks to all my subscribers

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