Low blood pressure values are 90/60mmHg. The normal value of blood pressure is 120/80mmHg. Symptoms of low blood pressure are; dizziness, confusion, fainting, and blurred vision. Some herbs to cure low blood pressure are

  • Caffeine
  • Ma huang herb
  • St. John’s wort
  • Licorice
  • Energy drinks
  • Tulsi Leaves

Causes of low blood pressure

Underlying causes of low blood pressure are the following

  1. If you are on bed term for a long time of period
  2. Pregnancy, during 1st 24 weeks it is common to drop the level of BP
  3. If blood volume is decreased it can lead to a low pressure level
  4. Abnormal low heart rate leads to hypotension
  5. Nutritional deficiency

How we can cure low blood pressure through natural treatment?

Here are the following of some home remedies for low blood pressure. Eat a small portion of food frequently; avoid long gaps of time, Eat several times in a day but in small quantities. For example, if you are eating 3 meals in a day you can divide it into small 5 meals for a day.

According to WHO, your daily intake of salt should be one teaspoon; excess salt can be so harmful it can lead you to hypertension and can cause water retention too. This is important to take adequate salt in your diet. This is the best home remedy for low bp treatment.

Everyone should drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water daily. Dehydration can also cause hypotension, keep yourself hydrated to avoid this problem. Almond Milk is also used to cure low blood pressure. This drink will help you to prevent from falling down your blood pressure level. It contains omega-3-fatty acids so you can add them to your smoothies’ recipes, or cereals. Drink a cup of beetroot juice. It is one of the best home remedies for lowering blood pressure. A cup of strong black coffee can also help in lowering blood pressure.

If you are suffering from hypertension, chew 5 to 6 Tulsi leaves, which contain a high amount of magnesium and vitamin c, which help to regulate blood pressure. Eugenol is an antioxidant that is present in it. Low blood pressure remedies play an important part to cure hypotension.

Ribes Nigurm it’s a form of glycerin macerate. The alcoholic extract is not present in it, synthesized by berries only. Daily intake should be 50 drops of it in a glass full of water before breakfast drink it. Siberian Ginseng is helpful to increase low blood pressure especially in women, during the menstrual cycle female can face hypotension conditions, during heavy blood flow, take 5o drops of mother tincture 3 times a day. Tonic helps to maintain blood pressure normally, it will work rapidly. Licorice is the best remedy for lowering blood pressure. You just have to eat one licorice candy in the morning to elevate, low blood pressure.

Exercise is also an important factor to regulate blood pressure levels. Cardio workout helps you, walk for 30 to 60 min daily. Don’t be in a rush when you are sitting or lying down to get up. If you are lying and you have to get up then first you should sit up for seconds and then slowly stand. The position of your body is also an important factor.

If you are taking low vitamin B-12 in your diet it can lead you to the condition of anemia, which can also cause drops in blood pressure. It’s important to take an adequate amount of vitamin B-12 in your diet. These are the best answers to how to control low blood pressure.

Avoid unpleasant situations, changes in your living lifestyle helps you a lot to maintain your well-being. Don’t get scared of difficult situations in your life. Senile hypotension is the type of hypotension that mostly occurred in people of old age and with weak immunity and low metabolism, cure for low blood pressure, natural remedies are best.

Hypotension related to different conditions and their herbal medicine

  • Low blood pressure when exposed to the sun: After sun exposure, Glonoine is medicine for low blood pressure. The indications are heaviness in the head, fainting, and blurred vision occurred when you expose to high rays of the sun. In an upright position, Vertigo is marked. When for long hours you are being exposed to sun, nausea and vomiting occurred and caused severe headache than Natrum Mur medicine is being used. When pulse rate is slow, blood pressure level drops instantly.
  • Low blood pressure with specifically low diastolic pressure: When specifically diastolic pressure is low then Baryta Muris one of the best medicines to cure hypotension. Symptoms are heaviness in the head and morning time lassitude. Baryta Mur is a medicine for older age people to normalize their blood pressure levels.
  • Low blood pressure with valve heart problems: The most important medicine for lowering blood pressure with heart problems includes Naja and Viscum Album. These medicines are highly efficient in working. When the pulse rate is small, irregular, and weak it is used to elevate the level of blood pressure.

Western medicines are not effective in this condition, Therefore Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy is used to treat this condition in older age people. This method is highly effective and not so expensive. Nowadays you can go to any famous herbal medicine website and shop online for you; this is so safe and efficient. All the medicines are composed of natural sources, by the roots, shrubs of plants.

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Western medicines do not have a long-term action on our bodies. So we should keep our focus on the long-term effects of any medicine, and only herbal medicines show long-term effects on the body because these are synthesized from natural sources. Keep your focus on dietary patterns; eat few carbohydrates in your daily diet