Natural gas exists mainly in Athens, Thessaloniki and Thessaly.

Have you ever been curious about the benefits of gas?

Thinking of switching from a classic heater, but not sure if it will be worth it?

Here, we will discuss all the benefits of gas in the hope that it will help you understand and appreciate all that gas has to offer.

Natural gas is cheap

We are all looking to save some money and one of the most attractive advantages of gas is that it is a cheap source of energy.

The initial installation of gas pipelines is an investment. If you are doing restoration, remodeling or refurbishment, keep in mind that the cost of converting to gas will probably pay off in a reasonable amount of time.

Homeowners who use natural gas enjoy significant savings on electricity bills and increased property values.

Natural resource prices can fluctuate and markets vary worldwide, but working with a large gas supplier offers you a stable price for 24 months.

Natural gas is better for the environment

Did you know that a gas-fired power plant takes much less time to start and stop than a lignite-fired power plant?

One of the amazing benefits of gas is that it is energy efficient in production and has lower emissions than other types of fossil fuels such as coal and oil-emissions such as:

  • Carbon dioxide (emissions are reduced)
  • Sulfur dioxide (emissions are reduced)
  • Nitrogen oxides (emissions are reduced) offers you a variety of options for gas installations in Athens and in all areas of Attica.