27 EPIC Sharkboy & Lavagirl Easter Eggs In WE CAN BE HEROES! 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️

Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I'm Jan and in this  video I'm revealing all the super-cool easter eggs  

and details hidden in We Can Be Heroes, including  a secret cameo from the real original Sharkboy.  

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Obviously, spoilers ahead, so take care. When it comes to breakfast time, Missy is  

a fan of Great White Bites cereal,  as Max was in the original movie.  

In fact, you can see several  packs of the shark-inspired  

cereal in the Moreno family's kitchen. After they're captured by the aliens,  

the Heroics can't stop bickering  and fighting amongst themselves.  

"Why don't you cheer us up by singing one  of those songs you sing so well, Sharkboy?"  

Here Miracle Guy is mocking Sharkboy  about the lullaby he sang in the first  

film to help Max fall asleep so he could  dream a solution to their problems.  

"Close your eyes, shut your mouth. Dream a dream and get us out."  

Although Sharkboy's song was initially successful,  it actually ended up giving Max nightmares!  

While the original Lavagirl, Taylor Dooley, is  back to play the adult version of her character,  

Taylor Lautner doesn't return as Sharkboy. Instead adult Sharkboy's a non-speaking  

character played by a mask-wearing JJ  Dashnaw, who was the Stunt Co-ordinator  

for both the sequel and the first film. There are some awesome easter eggs to the  

original movie in Missy's bedroom. Look carefully at her bedside table  

and in the corner you'll spot the first of two  children's novels that were co-written by the  

film's director Robert Rodriguez and published  around the time of the movie's release in 2005.  

There's The Day Dreamer which tells the film's  story from Lavagirl and Sharkboy's point of view.  

And I suspect the book below  that is Return to Planet Drool,  

the second in the Sharkboy and Lavagirl series. Also on Missy's nightstand is her Heroics-themed  

alarm clock, and a fun detail here is  that while the other superheroes are  

doing the hard work of holding up the clock,  Miracle Guy is just standing there, posing.  

Which given that he stops to take a photo during  the alien invasion at the start of the movie,  

seems like a perfect reflection of reality! "Just a quick selfie for my  

socials while I stop this thing." In the sequel, Missy's bedroom is space-themed,  

with planets, stars, and moons on her bedhead  and walls, and constellations on this fabric;  

which is just like in the first film where Max's  bedroom also had a cosmic theme, with mobiles of  

the solar system, moons, stars and galaxies on the  walls, and stickers of planets on his bed frame.  

And both lead characters also  wear space-themed pyjamas.  

Max has planets on his, while Missy  has stars on hers and she also has  

stars on the black trousers she  wears throughout the film.  

After sneaking on board an extra-terrestrial  supply ship, Missy and her super-powered  

friends desperately try to get away  from the aliens about to attack them:  

The fact it's more difficult to fly this ship than  simply pressing the 'green for go' button is a  

send-up of the scene in the original movie where  hitting the green 'Go' button was all Max had to  

do to blast off in his shark-shaped rocket. "So, how do you fly it?"  

"You don't know?" "That's sort of been the whole problem!"  

"You press go." Also when Guppy  

puts on a pair of blue sunglasses  during the kids' training session,  

I couldn't help but think of her father's blue  3D shark-shaped glasses in the previous movie!  

Vivien Blair who plays Guppy was actually  given the glasses as it was so bright filming  

outside that she couldn't stop squinting; but then the filmmakers decided she looked so  

cool that they made them part of her character's  costume whenever she went into a shark frenzy!  

"Guppy, listen to me. Shark frenzy."  

And that behaviour is another thing she has in  

common with her dad! "Shark frenzy!"  

All of Ojo's tablet pictures were  actually drawn on set during the filming  

of those scenes by Rhiannon Rodriguez,  daughter of director Robert Rodriguez.  

As for the squiggle monsters, the filmmakers  wanted them to look like a child had created  

them with her own pen as they wanted  to illustrate the idea that "the pen  

is always mightier than the sword". The fact that Ojo's drawings come to  

life also reminds me of how the imaginary  worlds and superheroes Max doodles and  

writes about in his dream journal also  come to life in the first movie.  

When Guppy demonstrates her powers for Missy,  the pint-sized superhero takes a gulp of water,  

then spits out a liquid shark, which she moves into a position  

that's a clear hat-tip to the theatrical poster  for the 1975 shark-infested blockbuster, Jaws.  

Later in the film, as Slo-mo desperately tries  to outrun the aliens chasing him, A Capella  

starts singing the iconic theme to the  Oscar-winning movie Chariots of Fire,  

whose tale of British athletes vying  for the 1924 Olympics famously featured  

several slow-mo running sequences set to  composer Vangelis' legendary score.  

By the way, in order to give A Capella's  voice an extra-otherworldly effect,  

"Adios." when she sings the higher notes,  

the filmmakers blended together the voice of  actress Lotus Blossom who plays A Capella with  

the voice of American Idol singer Haley  Reinhart who plays her mother Mrs Vox.  

Sharkboy and Lavagirl's daughter Guppy is  named after a type of small tropical fish,  

which is perfect for her character as she's  both little and has water-related powers.  

Continuing the aquatic theme, on her  t-shirt, there's a picture of a fish.  

And her clothes and water bottle are blue, pink,  and purple, which are the colours of her parents.  

As for the rainbow on Guppy's necklace, that's  a subtle symbol at the start of the film that  

she and her fellow super-kids are humanity's  hope for a better world, which is exactly what  

Ojo tells them at the end of the movie. While Missy's starry clothing is a shout-out  

to the first movie, it also reflects the fact  she's the real star of the new team, as without  

her inspiring them to work together, they'd be  in the same mess as their bickering parents.  

But Missy's not only at the heart  of the new Heroics, she's also a  

character with a lot of heart, which could be why the film's  

costume designer chose to put some  subtle little hearts on her outfit,  

from her T-shirt to her heart-shaped necklace. Like many of the other kids whose clothing  

signals their powers, Wheels has a W-style  symbol on his shirt, which suitably enough  

also looks a little like jagged skid marks. Taylor Lautner may have skipped the sequel, but  

two of the other original Sharkboys do return. Look out for the pilot of the helicopter during  

the Heroics' big battle scene: "You ok, Sharkboy?"  

That pilot is Racer Rodriguez who played  a young Sharkboy in the previous film.  

In fact, Racer truly is the original Sharkboy  because as a 7-year-old child he actually  

created the character of Sharkboy when he  playing a game of fish vs shark with his dad,  

Robert Rodriguez, in the family pool. And while Racer also co-produced the new  

sequel, his brother Rebel, who played the  five-year-old Sharkboy in the first movie,  

wrote the music for the new sequel! And there's a Rodriguez family in-joke  

at the end of the film. The film's alien spaceship  

sets were in fact designed by Rogue  Rodriguez, another of the director's kids.  

By the way, I've got another video  that reveals all the clues that  

pointed to the movie's big twist. There'll be a link to that at the end  

of this video and in the description below. Another Rodriguez sibling, Rhiannon, is the voice  

of Missy's alarm clock at the start of the movie, singing 'Wake Up Sleepyhead' in a little shout-out  

to Max's rocket alarm in the first  film which displays the words 'Wake Up,  

Max!' when the alarm goes off. ♪ Wake up, sleepyhead ♪  

♪ Wake up.. ♪ Rhiannon was also the  

inspiration for the film's lead character whose  name Missy is actually Rhiannon's nick-name  

and whose initials were intended to reflect  the alliteration in Rhiannon's name too.  

And, of course, that also fits very nicely  with the world of comic-book superheroes,  

especially Marvel ones, whose names  often rely on alliteration.  

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