One of the basic accessories that your dog should have is the saddle. It is the most suitable tool for your walk with him. The saddle is not worn on the neck, but on the pet’s chest. For this, after all, we also call it stetholouro or epistithio. It is applied to your dog in a special way and assures you that he is not going to take it off as soon as you look away.

You need to pay special attention to the lacing accessories, guides, saddles and collars. The saddle is the right tool for those who want their home to be in control of its standard walk. Especially for dogs that pull, we consider that the dog saddle is the most suitable so as not to create problems in the dog’s trachea.

They do not put any pressure on his neck, in relation to the collars, which many times due to pressure have been shown to create several problems in his health. The pressure of the pull is transferred from the neck to the chest of the animal and thus injuries or injuries to the neck are avoided. It gives comfort to your pet, while giving it the coveted freedom of movement it needs.

The saddle is also a safe choice for dogs with a pressed face inward and limited breathing, such as pugs, dogs with a trachea or laryngeal problem, such as Pomeranians, and dogs with long, extremely thin necks, such as Greyhounds, which tend to avoid slip collars.

There are also training saddles, which are very effective in pulling the dog as they have a lashing ring on the front.

The good fit of the breast to the dog’s body is the most important. You can immediately and easily find a huge variety of dog leashes, at very affordable prices.

You choose the style, size and color that fits your dog properly and you are ready for your walks! Each saddle is designed to adapt to different breeds of dogs, to provide comfort and safety.

Made from various high quality materials, which are extremely soft and friendly to your dog’s skin.

If you choose to use a stroller on the walk, it is a good idea for the animal to wear a second collar of the common type that will bear its identity.