Following Trump Impeachment, Congress Breaks for Holidays

last week in Washington Donald Trump

became only the third president

impeached following a full but mostly

party line vote in the US House of

Representatives today a Speaker of the

House I soundly and sadly opened the

debate on the impeachment of the

President of the United States if we do

not act now we would be derelict in our

duty it is tragic that the president's

reckless actions make impeachment


he gave us no choice Democrats accused

Trump of abusing the power of the

presidency to benefit himself

Republicans call the impeachment process

politically motivated for the very first

time in modern history we've seen a

political faction in Congress promised

from the moment the moment a president

election ended they would find some way

to overturn it Senate Majority Leader

Mitch McConnell has rejected Democrats

demands to have key aides testify at a

trump impeachment trial I have yet to

hear one good argument why less evidence

is better than more evidence for

witnesses only those with direct

knowledge of the charges made by the

house only those who could provide new

relevant and potentially illuminating

testimony senators would act as jurors

in an impeachment trial one of them said

Sunday the charges against Trump are

pretty thin gruel I will support the

president in the type of trial he wants

and the types of witnesses he wants to

bring but again I also think it'd be

totally appropriate to have the house

put on their case the president put on

his case and then decide what we're

gonna do after that point meanwhile

Democrats continue questioning the

president's motives if a president you

need state sizz using his office the

power of the presidency against a

country that is dependent upon the

United States of America if he's doing

that just to get a political advantage

for his own personal campaign that is a

serious serious matter Congress is in

recess for the holidays until early

January when House lawmakers may decide

on sending their articles of impeachment

to the Senate for trial

arash arabasadi VOA news Washington