Performing the same push-up form day in and day out is undoubtedly going to be monotonous. So, we have updated a new list of modified push-up variations using home workout equipment. Try these for an exhilarating experience.


  1. Shoulder Tap Push-Up


This is performed mainly to boost the core and upper body strength of an individual. It may be pretty tricky for beginners, but once you are done with ten traditional push-ups, you can mix some shoulder taps after every push-up. Remember to tap your shoulder with the opposite hand.


  1. Power Push-Up


Lay down your gym floor mats and get ready for some power push-ups. This is a fantastic way for your arm workout along with chest and shoulder exercise. Power push-up increases body metabolism and is highly beneficial for the body.


  1. T Push-Up


To strengthen your chest and upper back muscles, there is no better option than a T push-up. Assume the position for a traditional push-up. Lower your body until the chest touches the floor, and then lift one shoulder upwards.


  1. Archer Push-Up


They are also known as side-to-side push-ups. Archer push-ups are an excellent exercise for your arm and back muscles. With one hand folded and one hand straight, this push-up can be considered a suitable replacement for lightweight dumbbell exercise.


  1. Spiderman Push-Up


This superhero push-up is given this name for a reason. To get some super strength in your arms and back, get yourself used to spiderman push-ups. Try to touch your knee to the elbow every time you go down while doing push-ups. It is easy to do and at the same time, it’s immensely beneficial.


  1. Diamond Triangle Push-Up


If you are an expert in performing push-ups, you will surely love this style. Form a diamond-shaped pattern with both your palms. Good quality gym floor mats may reduce the risk of a slip here.


  1. Pause Push-Up


Pause push-up increases the isotonic strength of muscles. Giving a halt at the end of each push-up makes your muscles strong. To get better results, couple your pause push-up with a light weight dumbbell.


  1. Knuckle Push-Up


Knuckle push-up is mainly performed by martial arts lovers. Instead of performing push-ups on your palms, close your fist and perform push-ups on your knuckles. Improve your wrist muscles with this unprecedented form of the push-up.


  1. Yoga Push-Up


Yoga, when combined with push-ups, gives unparalleled results. After each push-up move, stand up straight and halt for a second before going to the next move. It helps with arm muscle improvement. You will also enhance concentration and relieve stress by doing yoga push-ups.


  1. Pike Push-Up


A step for experts, the pike push-up is not as easy as it seems. Form an inverted V-shape with your body and then fold your elbows while moving down. Maintain the position for a minute before proceeding with the following count of pike push-ups.


  1. Clap Push-Up


If you have the best dumbbell set for home, then clap push-up is the right exercise for you. Try to lift your back and arms as much as possible when doing the push-ups. Lifting dumbbells along with you, when raising, is a good boost for your arm muscles.


  1. Decline To Push-Up


Decline push-up is quite an easy push-up, where you need to place your leg on an elevated level like a bench or tool. Bend your elbows and lower your chest, keeping the back and neck straight.


  1. Single-Leg Push-Up


This is quite a challenging push-up, wherein you have to keep one leg lifted in the air throughout the exercise period. Devote time to single-leg push-ups until you get your hands perfect at it. Refrain from it if you are suffering from acute hypotension.


  1. Close Grip Push-Up


This is somewhat similar to a standard push-up, where you have to touch the thumbs against each other while performing the push-ups. The close-grip push-up is quite popular among youngsters.


  1. Staggered Push-Up


A staggered push-up is specially designed for arm muscle improvement. The levels of both arms are different, which allows most of the force to be concentrated on a single arm. Mastering staggered push-ups needs a lot of practice.


  1. One Arm Push-Up


Just like the name says, one arm push-up is to be done using a single arm. The other arm is to be kept in the air without any support. A set of 20 one-arm push-ups daily are enough to improve your arm muscles.


  1. Cross Body Push-Up


Get yourself the best dumbbell set for home to perform this push-up more efficiently. Cross both the hands and perform a dozen push-ups for strong arm and back muscles.


Final Say


Push-ups are modified to ensure strong arm and back muscles. Using simple home workout equipment, you can improve your body physique.